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ANTENNAS > Solarcon IMAX2000 24' Base Station Antenna 5/8 Wave
Solarcon IMAX2000 24' Base Station Antenna 5/8 Wave

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For the best performing omni-direction CB antenna available you will want to purchase the Imax 2000 Base Antenna which boasts a 2+ dB gain when compared to the Antron A99. This is the best omni-directional antenna.

IMAX2000 Features:

  • Tested to 5000 watts power
  • Typically 3MHz bandwidth with 2:1 SWR
  • Tunable SWR
  • 1 to 2db relative gain
  • Wind Rating: 100 MPH
  • Heavy duty mounting plate which withstands greater wind loads
  • Wavelength: 5/8 Wave
  • lightning protected, D.C. grounded. No lightning arrestor or static discharge unit is needed!
  • Female UHF Coax Connection
  • Mounting U Bolts
  • 24 Feet tall with three easy-to-assemble sections

IMAX2000 Specifications:

  • Length: 24ft
  • Power Handling: 5000 Watts

Included Parts:

  • Imax 2000 10-12 Meter Base Station Antenna
  • U-Bolts for Pole Mounting





















































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