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Stryker  SR-25MC

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10 Meter Radio SR-25MC

Stryker has once again succeeded in packing tons of features and performance into a very compact AM/FM 10 meter radio.

Small Radio With High Power

Compact doesn’t begin to describe the size of the SR-25MC, it’s only 4.88″ (L) x 3.97″ (W) x 1.41″ (H). The length and width of the SR-25MC are very close to that of the iPhone 7, so it’s significantly smaller than the SR-94HPC. The beauty of this is that no matter how new your vehicle is, you can easily find a place to install it.


Even though it’s small, the SR-25MC will transmit 20 watts PEP on high power. A cast aluminum heatsink efficiently dissipates heat and makes for a very rugged chassis. Another benefit is this helps to stabilize the circuit board and makes it virtually immune to vibration.

The SR-25MC has a 7 color LCD Display, and this makes the screen easy to read day or night. If the lights are too bright, a 6 level dimmer allows you to select the perfect amount of illumination.

Main Features Of SR-25MC

The microphone included with the SR-25MC sounds crystal clear and has up and down buttons that are using for adjusting many features & functions.  In the function menu, you will find a surprising amount of features that the SR-25MC offers.

  1. Microphone Gain
  2. RF Power – High & Low Power, this is very helpful when using an amplifier.
  3. Squelch
  4. ASQ (Auto Squelch)
  5. HI-CUT Receive Filter
  6. Scan Functions (Squelch or Time)
  7. EMG CH 9 & 19 (You can change these)
  8. Talkback (You can adjust the volume or turn it off)
  9. Noise Blanker
  10. Auto RF Gain (You can turn this on or off)
  11. RF Gain
  12. Auto RF Gain (Automatically adjusts for best performance)
  13. Roger Beep (5 different beeps to choose from)
  14. Backlight Color (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, & White)
  15. Dimmer (Level 1 – 6)
  16. -5KHz Function


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