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Our Staff

DUB (a.k.a. Ward) Van Winkle

Dub is the owner of Dub's CB Shop. He is also the technician that will peak and tune your radio to maximum performance. Having been a truck driver himself, he knows what drivers need and want. Dub's goal is to provide radios that achieve their greatest  potential; and, excellent customer service.


Dave is our Antenna Technician. He will check your SWR; set your antenna, install your radio or do a complete professional install that looks like it came from the factory. Dave will get your antennas set for optimal performance.


Todd is our Part-Time Antenna Technician and Shop Assistant. He assist Daniel in checking SWR, antenna installations and sets, and running wire for professional installs. He also helps us out with facilities up-keep; as an electrician; he is an asset when it comes to repairs on the facility.

Tammy Van Winkle

Tammy is the voice you hear on the radio. She talks on a Galaxy Saturn Base Station with a 90 foot tower. Tammy talks to drivers nationwide letting them know how their radios are performing. She also gets the word out that Dub's CB Shop is the shop that will get your radio running at peak performance and get your antennas set for optimal receive. Listen for her on Channel 8.


Kim now helps out as needed. Still very vital to our operations.

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