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Dub's CB Shop is located at Illinois Exit 154 on the  Southside of I-70; one mile west of the Hoosier line.

 *** 217-826-2763 ***

 24339 E. U.S. Highway 40

  Marshall, Illinois 62441 


We are now getting 3 times the amount of radios we would normally receive, (sent in, and /or dropped off).



This creates a need for change.

That change being....

It's going to require more of our time to be dedicated to radio work.


 So.. In order to serve you better.


We will now be  CLOSED on SUNDAY'S, MONDAY'S  &  TUESDAY'S.



This will allow us to complete  repairs faster, and get your radios back to you sooner.


We realize that this may be an issues for some of you.


 If you can't  make it here during regular business hours , or only come through on the days we are closed...

You can call ahead and  request an appointment.

Please call at least 1 day in advance.

There will a flat fee of $25.00 for all appointments.


Our  " NEW BUSINESS HOURS"  will be:

All times are "CENTRAL TIME"

We are CLOSED all major holidays.

A good general rule of thumb is...

If the banks are closed, we probably are too.




Here at Dub's Cb Shop, we believe you have the right to be heard when you speak! So, whether you shop with us in the store -- or on our website... It's our mission to get you the right radio, the right antenna system and all the accessories you may need, to ensure that you will be heard !

DUB "ONLY" carries radios that he feels are of the BEST QUALITY and have the BEST SOUND.  However, if we don't have what you really want... We   can   get it!


Price Includes Dub's Full Peak and Tune


Located in the Midwestern United States, DUB's CB Shop specializes in High Performance  performance  CB & 10-Meter Amateur Radios from the leading brands in the industry including Uniden CB Radios. DUB's CB Shop stocks Stryker, General, Connex, and Ranger 10-Meter Amateur Radios; as well as, Browning, Wilson, and various other types of antennas for literally any type of radio installation.

Dub's now offers our High Performance radios and accessories to our friends across the USA who have heard our radios on the air or have talked with DUB's on the air.

DUB's CB Shop is a family owned and operated business.

We value our customers. It is important to us that you are happy with the service that you receive; therefore, we stand behind the products we sell and the services we provide. 

We will never sell you anything you do not need.

You will never pay an additional fee to have a radio professionally peaked, tuned and aligned. We provide this service FREE for all radios that are purchased through Dub's CB Shop.

In addition, we provide free radio bench checks...see what your radio is REALLY putting out on our state-of-the-art service bench.  Our technician sets his equipment to operate at 14 volts; which, is the same voltage that is ran in most "big" trucks.

While you are at our shop, be sure to ask our professional antenna technician to check your standing wave with a calibrated antenna analyzer. It is a free service to check your SWR; however, there will be a charge assessed for setting your antenna, or any other antenna related services.


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